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VEKTOR EDITIONS established in 2013. Its fundamental business objective is the creation of specialized maps and cartography (publishing road, touring & hiking maps and guides). It is characterized as a customer-oriented company that publish high quality, tailor-made maps and guides to suit every requirement and activity, gradually covering the huge gap of the Albanian market in this sector.
Our mapmakers are specialists in cartography
With the primary criterion of knowledge, experience and specialization, VEKTOR EDITIONS has gathered a number of remarkable partners, who act as a catalyst for the gradual creation of a vast range of valuable products.
We understand project and data management
The human factor is an integral part of the map and guide production process. However, today, technology is another powerful tool in the hands of modern cartographers and researchers. The creation of a map or guide is a time-consuming and laborious process that, amongst else, requires suitable instruments to render the result reliable and user-friendly.
For this reason, VEKTOR EDITIONS uses contemporary, professional GIS systems, and field research by experienced and highly qualified researchers to create its maps and guides.
VEKTOR EDITIONS's investment is not confined to its human "fleet", but extends to one composed of Jeeps, motorcycles and bicycles, which it makes available to its partners.
VEKTOR EDITIONS's fleet supports its researchers in conducting their research accurately and safely and allows them to have a hands-on personal experience of the activity for which they are collecting and recording data.

Growing Industry-Expanding
In 2015 VEKTOR EDITIONS span in two more business sectors:
   • The publishing sector by adding an extended selection of all books categories (literature, classic & foreign literature, children’s books, etc.).Our mission is to foster a passion for reading by partnering with authors to help create stories and communicate ideas that inform, entertain, and inspire. Our dedicated team of publishing professionals is committed to finding innovative new ways of bringing stories and ideas to the country’s audience.
   • The tourist sector with customized production of tourist souvenirs such as magnets. We provide high-quality well made products in unique artistic style.
Company’s Main Goal
The company's goal is to experiment, innovate, be creative, adaptive, flexible and intelligent enough to adapt to the changes in business environment and fulfill customer’s needs.


The company VEKTOR EDITIONS is a member of the NAKA Group. The NAKA Group is a Greek leading company in publishing, as well as in imports and exports, book and touristic items wholesale, with more than 5,000 sales point in Greece & Cyprus and many more in Europe and the rest of the world. The activities of the Group are divided into three sectors: production, wholesale trade and retail trade.
Since the 2000s Naka Group, under the management of the publisher Mr. Thomas
Naka and his sons, George and Apostolis Naka, has shown a dynamic growth. The NAKA Group owns ORAMA EDITIONS, NAKA Group also includes NAKAS ROAD CARTOGRAPHY, STELIOS KAPRANIDIS, VEKTOR and HARTINI POLI editions, the TRAVEL BOOKSTORE, NAKAS BOOK BAZAAR and NAKAS BOOK HOUSE bookshops, HEART Bit touristic items, i-SIMA information signs. In the context of its continuous development, the NAKA GROUP has established partnerships with leading international publishers, such as DK Eyewitness Travel, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Mair Dumond (Marco Polo, Falk), Graf Editions etc.
NAKA GROUP, with significant investments in imports, exports and publications as well as in wholesale and retail trade, is today the most important and expanded company in publishing area.


Road and hiking maps:
The publishing activity of VEKTOR EDITIONS was launched with the presentation of a large range of road and hiking maps. Specifically, Albania is covered by four maps - two 1:250,000 and 1:350,000 folding maps and two wall maps, measuring 70x100cm and 100x140cm. The series of Albanian maps is completed by three 1:200,000 maps of geographical zones (North, Central, South), thirty six 1:50,000 to 1:150,000 prefecture maps and ten 1:5,000 to 1:10,000 city maps.
A separate series contains 10 hiking maps of Albania, with mountains and special areas, including detailed descriptions of the best hiking routes in each area. These are specialized maps for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, 4x4 and motorcycle routes, etc.
In collaboration with the internationally established and acclaimed cartographic and publishing company Marco Polo, VEKTOR EDITIONS has included in its catalogue a comprehensive series of maps for countries and cities in various countries.

Magnets & Stickers:
Extensive production of information signs and touristic souvenirs that cover every taste.

Finest selection of books from all the categories of Classic, Foreign and Children Literature that aim to introduce well known authors to the country’s audience. Specifically VEKTOR EDITIONS has already published 11 titles of Classic literature and 30 titles of Children Literature.


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